Billet qui fait du bien

Special collaboration with Krystine St Laurent

Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.

Do you tend to find yourself feeling guilty when you take the time to relax ? Do you sometimes hear a little voice inside telling you: the to-do list is not done, is it really a good idea to take the afternoon off for some ‘’me’’ time? I have often asked myself the question: what do we need to let ourselves take a break, to lay down and put our feet up in a hammock and take the time to read a good book as we lay-back in the sun?

Maybe we just need to simply give ourselves the permission to do so? Because, as I often say, if we do not give ourselves the right to stop, whom will do it for us?

A pause allows us not only to recharge our batteries, but also to cultivate peace, vitality, joy of life, and to have new energy to face the commitments, the relationships and the hazards of life. Taking a break, it is investing in one’s health and well-being, because a soothed mind will be able to face the different challenges that come along with more joy, calm and discernment.

On the contrary, if we refuse to slow down, the body becomes exhausted, energy reserves fall into the red and inevitably physical, mental or emotional disturbances are felt. Let’s never forget that everything is connected: the head, the heart, the body and the spirit.

Enjoy the summer!

Looking forward to seeing you at Spa Eastman during special events or at the September Retreat (26th-27th-28th): Retraite Nature & Ayurveda!


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