Go Lucie Go! Let’s get back in shape!

Every once in a while, I feel guilty and start training. It usually last a couple of weeks, and then I forget how serious I was and I stop. Last December, the results of my fitness assessment, performed during my Relaxation & Fitness stay at Spa Eastman, should have convinced me that it was time to take care of myself. I wasn’t in good shape at all. But again, it lasted only a few weeks before I stopped training again.

And all of a sudden, some six weeks ago, I decided to start walking at least every second morning. My very first motivation was pretty simple: summer was coming and I wanted to be able to fit in last year’s summer dresses!

Let's get back in shape!

I walked for 30 minutes every second day. For a week. Then, I felt like it was taking me too much time. So I tried to run instead. But I could not run for more then a block or my heart, my legs AND my face would have exploded. So I ran a block, walked for a while, ran another couple of hundred feet, then walk again. Before I knew it, I could run to the end of the street. And then come back (half dead!). That was something like a 17-minute run. I suddenly felt like there was something to do with this.

So I’ve decided to ask Nathalie Roy, Spa & Fitness Director at Spa Eastman, to be my personal trainer and follow my efforts, through this blog. She will help me fix my objectives and… get to reach them!

I have no intention to make a marathon, nor a IronMan competition (like my Twitter friend @AuntieStress asked me!). I just needd to move (read: move away from my computer!) enough to stay in good health. Nathalie will help me through this and help me find my motivation within the pleasure of being active.

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Nathalie & I invite you to share your experiences with us. You can even ask her your questions directly, through the blog.

And I hope you’ll join me in this fun & fitness adventure!


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