I want to look younger too!

Needless to say that physical activity is good for our health. We all know that by now.

But a recent study, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine by researchers at King’s College London, has shown that “people who exercise more in their free time appear to be biologically younger than their more sedentary counterparts”.

“How much younger you say?” Something like nine years! Talk about effective anti-wrinkle solution!  (Read their press release).

Learning about this research was all I needed to remove dust from my good old Total Shape-Up Program. I have this training program since I went for a “Relaxation and fitness” stay at Spa Eastman two years ago. At that time, I needed to do something to relieve a permanent stiffness in my back and in my arms. Well, I’m always spending so many hours sitting in front of my computer that if I don’t do something, I tend to fossilize.

While in Eastman, I first went through a complete fitness assessment with a personal trainer. Then, he created a fitness and lifestyle program that was perfectly fitting my needs… and my tastes. I work from home, I live out of town and there’s no gym in my village so I wanted a program that I could do by myself, without having to use fancy machines. My Total Shape-Up Program included outdoor walks, stretching and muscle-development exercises that I had to do with a simple resistant band that was even given to me on the spot! I had no excuses…

I started my program as soon as I got back home. I followed it religiously for many months. My endless backache vanished.

I was feeling so good… I started cheating over my schedule then totally forgot about it. I never stopped walking but that’s all I was doing.

And time went by.

Lately, I kept telling my husband: “I don’t know what’s wrong with me but my body is aching all over and I feel like I suddenly got 10 years older” (that’s within the past 3 months!).

Thank God I found about this research from King’s College London! Now I know exactly what my problem is!

“OK now, where’s that magical resistant band???”

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