My First Time…

I’m so pleased to be writing you today. If you have taken the time to read the little introduction to your right below the subjects, you’ve already figured out that Spa Eastman and I go a long way back. While perusing my old résumé, which I decided to take out for this occasion, I remembered that my life was very different before my first day at Spa Eastman.

I suddenly saw myself fifteen years ago, tailored suit and nylons, all dressed up in perfect business woman’s attire. I was twenty-seven and miserably on the edge of a nervous breakdown.  I left the house that day telling my husband that after the morning meeting I was taking off for a couple of days rest.

Around ten on that day, I jumped into my car and headed for the Townships.  I hit the road without the slightest clue where I was going. I stopped at a tourist information centre, grabbed an Eastern Townships brochure and made my first phone call. Not a chance, the hotel was booked solid. A second phone call had the same outcome: no vacancy.  Impatiently, I decided to try another strategy and take a chance with a smaller establishment. I happened upon le Centre de santé d’Eastman (Spa Eastman’s name at the time) where I managed to reserve their last room. 

“Would you like the Relaxation Package Madam?” 

“Yes.  That’s it. Relaxation. That’s exactly what I need and I need it fast!”

I had no idea what le Centre de santé d’Eastman was all about; no idea I was about to be slathered in sea weed from head to toe or, let alone, an hour later sitting with a group of strangers all of us breathing deeply and in the lotus position.

As soon as I got there, I spent the first hour diligently writing down my treatments on the schedule of daily activities, crossing out the workshops I’d be missing, drawing arrows towards meals and marking the most important activities with stars, sticking Post-its reminding me not to forget my bathing suit at three and my walking shoes at nine thirty…

Boy was I in for a shock!

My first treatment was a body exfoliation. As I lay on the table I said to the aesthetician: “Usually, I have trouble getting through a simple facial. Anything longer annoys me; I hope you’re on the ball today.”  Poor girl!  I’m sure that she still remembers me even after fifteen years.

The next day, I thought that I had spent twenty-four hours on some strange planet. Later, I realised that I was the stranger. All the rest was just normal.

I added a third night to my stay and a couple of extra treatments à la carte. As I was leaving, after a four-night stay, I was no longer the same person. Of course, I hadn’t solved all of my problems on the spot. But, after spending some quality time with myself, I had reconnected with the person that I had coldly forgotten in the whirlwind of what had become my life.

In the guest book I signed: “I will never forget my true self again. Thank you.”

Since that day, Spa Eastman is the secret of my healthy lifestyle. And I’ll be glad to share it with you!

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