“Romantic French Escapade”

Spa Eastman is a “Romantic French Escapade”, according to journalist Kathryn Kates in her recent article on SheKnows.ca.

Here are extracts from her article:

« Forty percent of the visitors to Spa Eastman are men. (Owner Jocelyna) Dubuc says men are comfortable at the retreat because it lacks the “frilly” feeling of beauty institutes. Seventy percent of the guests stay overnight, and often, a week. Others, both local and from the Montreal area, visit just for the day and partake in a la carte services.

Dubuc says her mission is to make people feel good by promoting health and well-being. Spa Eastman offers local and international clients an opportunity to shape up and renew their spirits in an eco-friendly property that endorses sustainable development. The spa is committed to encouraging proper life habits and helping clients achieve overall lasting health.

“We really teach the ‘art of living’,” adds Dubuc, who says that Spa Eastman is the only destination spa in Quebec. “To be considered a destination spa, your cuisine must be fully healthy with no compromises. We have a fine wine cellar offering 70 percent organic wines. Also, we offer education through the kinesiologist, the personal trainer and the naturopath.”

Dubuc says that almost 60 percent of their guests are repeaters. “I feel we offer a European atmosphere with a French flavour that appeals to North Americans. There are no young children, so it is a real break for parents. I want people to leave feeling good, deeply relaxed, connected to themselves and seeing life differently.” »

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