New: Spa Eastman Montreal Launches its BABOR Fluids Bar


Spa Eastman’s new BABOR Fluids Bar invites women out for more than just cocktails. BABOR’s signature fluids offer personalized skin-care. This innovative skin-care line is the newest addition to Spa Eastman’s luxurious range of professional treatments and services.

Fluids FP – Nature in the Highest Concentration

Fluids FP are an exquisite blend of natural, highly concentrated ingredients, sealed in a glass ampoule. BABOR was the first skincare company to develop ampoules as an attractive and practical packaging material for specific concentrates. According to BABOR’s philosophy, natural ingredients have a more intense effect if they are highly concentrated. BABOR’s Fluids FP impress with their immediate, visible effects.

The 9 different Fluids FP available to Spa Eastman Montreal’s professional aestheticians allow them to create a cocktail that is specifically designed to meet individual skin-care needs. These personalized cocktails saturate the skin, leaving it instantly softer and supple.

BABOR’s Fluids FP have four specific classifications. Moist and Lipid is designed to moisturize and build up the skin’s barriers, Pure helps combat blemished skin, Sensitive calms sensitive skin, and Anti-Aging supports elasticity and reduces wrinkles. Each classification has powerful ingredients that promote skin’s natural radiance and are paraben-free.

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Nathalie Roy, Director
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