U.S. ad campaign against McDonald’s

By Lucie Octeau

I wonder how long this TV ad will last…

According to an article published today by journalist Andrew Clark the recession has sort of helped fast food restaurants like McDonald’s :

« McDonald’s has enjoyed a relatively prosperous financial crisis as diners opt for its affordable offerings in place of more expensive high-street restaurants. Its global profits for the six months to June were up 12% to $2.3bn, powered by sales rises both in the United States and Britain.
The commercial, to be aired initially in the Washington area but potentially in further US cities, comes amid an increasingly lively debate in the US about healthy eating. »

Take a look at the ad:


What do you think about it? Is it too much? Is it still not enough? Will it modify fast food addicts behaviour? Will it change yours?

Let us know what you think about it.


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