Wii Fit? Why not?

This morning, I read that Nintendo’s Wii Fit would be available in Quebec on May 19th. “Wii what? Don’t tell me they’ll be offering a game that will allow you to think your being active while watching TV?”

I was ready to jump on my computer to tell you how offended I was about that dreadful invention that would keep so many people from simply going outside. But just before telling you all this, I decided to take a look at the thing and see how dreadful it was…

Take a look at this: Wii Fit .

I wanna have one of those!!!

Isn’t it cool? “Ok, let’s dance! Unless I do some stretching this morning? And a bit of yoga tomorrow?” Better yet, kids AND adults will enjoy fitness activities with a game like this. Wii games are even being used by doctors for rehab therapy !

So the question is: do you think it’s healthier to exercise in front of a TV or to go for a walk?


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